Article 1 Name
This Association shall be known as the International Association for Cognitive Science (abbreviated as IACS).

Article 2 Aims and activities
1. IACS is an international organization to provide a forum for the development of cognitive science in the Asia-Pacific and other regions.
2. IACS shall i) organize regular conferences, in particular the International Conference of Cognitive Science (ICCS); and ii) prepare a variety of publications, including ICCS proceedings and Journal of Cognitive Science.

Article 3 Membership
All countries and/or regions of cognitive scientists whose aim is to promote cognitive science and to further cooperation between cognitive scientists may become member.

Article 4 Officers, committees, and responsibilities
1. The officers shall be an Honorary President, a President, a Secretary-in-General, Steering Committee members, and Consultation Board members.
2. The President is in charge of the operations of the Secretariat, Steering Committee and Consultation Board, and presides over meetings of Steering Committee, Consultation Board and General Assembly.
3. The Secretariat bureau consists of a Secretary-in-General and members. The Secretary-in-General is responsible for the overall management of the Association and the bureau is responsible for the management of the funds of IACS. It submits the annual accounts to the Assembly and prepares estimates for the budget.
4. The General Assembly is composed of the members of the Steering Committee and those of the Consultation Board. It shall elect the President, the Secretary-in-General, and some Steering Committee members.
5. The Steering Committee shall consist of (i) the President and the Secretary-in- General, (ii) presidents of the representative cognitive science societies of member countries which have hosted at least one ICCS conference (while in office), and (iii) those persons who shall be elected by the General Assembly at an ordinary meeting. The Committee conducts and coordinates the activities of IACS. It is authorized to make urgent decisions between meetings of the General Assembly, which then must be communicated to the General Assembly. It is also is entrusted with the organization of ICCS conferences in collaboration with representatives of the country in question.

Article 5 Meetings
The ordinary meetings of the General Assembly will take place at the ICCS conferences. Extraordinary meetings can be convened between meetings by the Steering Committee.

Article 6 Elections
1. A country or a region which is not a member of IACS may join by applying to the Steering Committee, which will decide by a simple majority whether to approve the application.
2. The President and the Secretary-in-General shall be elected by the General Assembly at an ordinary meeting, which shall be held at an ICCS conference, and shall serve for two years. The candidates for the President shall be the Steering Committee and Consultation Board members of the country which is supposed to host the following ICCS conference. The candidates for the Secretary-in-General shall come from the country in which the ICCS conference is taking place at the moment of the General Assembly meeting.
3. Some of the Steering Committee members shall be elected by the General Assembly at an ordinary meeting. The Consultation Board members shall be elected by the Steering Committee.

Article 7 Funds
One of the main sources of the IACS funds shall be the minimum 10% revenue of the whole registration fees from each ICCS conference.

Article 8 Modification of the statutes
The present statutes may be modified by the General Assembly by a two-thirds majority of the members present.

Article 9 Supplementary regulations
Any question regarding the operation of IACS which is not covered by the present statutes may be decided by supplementary regulations adopted by the Steering Committee.

1. The present statues are effective from January 1, 2009.

2. The present statutes were provided by the provisional IACS body led by Prof. Chungmin Lee, the President in the interim, from August 2008 to December 2008, following the decisions from the Steering Committee meeting held on 28 July 2008 at the ICCS 6/2008 conference site (Yonsei University, Seoul). The preparation of the statutes was assisted by Prof. Hee-Rahk Chae, the Secretary-in-General to be.